The PLDC conference speakers are selected via paper submissions. Each paper submission is read and evaluated anonymously by three members of the Paper Reviewing Committee. The submissions are evaluated on the general quality and professionalism of the proposed paper, the suitability of the proposed paper to its declared track, the innovative character of the proposed paper’s contents and the absolute importance the jury ascribes to the topic of the proposed paper. Based on the evaluation points awarded by the Paper Reviewing Committee, the Steering Committee of PLDC selects the final papers for presentation.

Keynote Speakers
Each session at PLDC is to be opened by an invited Keynote Speaker addressing all attendees of the convention. Keynote addresses are presentations from invited renowned lighting designers, architects, light artists, researchers, politicians, photographers or personalities from related fields.

The Steering Committee selects the Keynote Speakers according to market developments and trends, the latest research findings and/or exemplary lighting design or architecture. Keynote Speakers in Rome were

Arnold Nesselrath/DE/VA, Stato della Città del Vaticano
Daniel Latorre/US, The Wise City
Ilaria Abbondandolo/IT, CISA Andrea Palladio
Klaus Obermaier/AT
Michele Molè/IT, Studio Nemesi
Riccardo Marini/IT/UK