Experience Rooms

PLDC is all about education and the further development of professional skills, and about promoting one’s personal career.
The team of organisers has introduced a new highlight to PLDC: Experience rooms!

These rooms invite and encourage attendees to experience different topics of interest to gain first-hand information, undergo an educational process, and add to or expand their personal and professional values and preferences.

The Experience Rooms in Paris were:

CoreSee by Mahdis Aliasgari, supported by Lighting Design Collective and Xicato
iLight and Mirror of Introspection by Cristina R. Maier, supported by Zumtobel, ZUMI Innovator in Lighing, Roblon, VIA-Verlag, Interactive Design and Energolux
Light Therapy by Sensortech Inc., Anadi Martel
Lighting – how it all began by Reggiani, in collaboration with Consuline
Modelling Daylight by Giovanni Traverso, supported by Luce&Light
Shining light on skin tone – cosmetic lighting research by Claire Hamill, Anna Sandgren and Christina Herbert, in collaboration with Xicato, UCL and Estée Lauder
Urban Lightscape by AIDI, APIL, la Sapienza Master in Lighting Design, Roma Tre Architectural Department